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    Glycol in a Snow-Melt System (3 Posts)

  • hws hws @ 6:12 PM
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    Glycol in a Snow-Melt System

    I am doing up an estimate to replace the propylene glycol in a snow-melt system at a self-serve car wash. Went there today on a service call and found that the glycol solution had been freezing. What is the typical glycol-to-water concentration for a snowmelt system? I haven't done one before. I've done the typical 50/50 solution in home heating systems...should a snow-melt system have a stronger concentration?? I used to have a chart for this but can't find it now.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 8:17 PM
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    it varies from brand to brand

    and you have three temperatures, 1st when ice crystals form but it is still able to pump, slush point, and burst. How cold do you get in your area?

    Is it a snowmelt outside or de-ice for the bays?

    Make sure you flush the old stuff out well, especially if the ph has dropped way down.

    Recycle the old stuff, often times Quick Lube shops will take it, or Safety Kleen for large quantities. Best not to dump it down the drain, it could be EG.

    Remember to confirm the pump size if you change the percentage to a higher protection level.
  • hws hws @ 9:27 PM
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    Thanks HR

    that looks kind of like the chart I used to have. To answer your question, it is a de-icing system for the bays, not a "true" snowmelt. It is worth noting though, that the bays are open on one side and do not have doors of any kind.
    Our coldest recorded winter temp was -9 F, our average cold temp is 11 F.
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