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    Kharbonic? (5 Posts)

  • Advanced Geothermal Advanced Geothermal @ 3:01 PM
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    Has anyone heard of or used Kharbonics?
    Supposedly, it is a flexible adhesive-backed graphite foil that is used in place of a heat emission plate.
    I have a brochure on it but am not able to find any other info or references to it what-so-ever.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 3:41 PM
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    graphite plates is the only one I'm aware of, though not self-adhesive. brought up two links to PDFs, but neither works.  The domain appears to be parked.
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  • Karl_Northwind Karl_Northwind @ 12:08 PM
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    I have a couple of rolls with the old adhesive in my office, awaiting install in my house.  I'm going to do half with the kharbonic and half with Uponor joist trak.  same loop lengths, same temps.  then I'm going to shoot them with the IR camera.

    it does exist, but other than that, I have nothing to report yet. 

  • pipeking pipeking @ 7:27 PM
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    i would

    love to see the IR pics! so i'm assuming the graghit rolls cover the entire floor not just under the tubing?
  • Gordy Gordy @ 10:49 PM
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    Is 30% more than an extruded is the performance that much greater?? I can see flexibility of the plate itself in some situations being advantageous. Other than that I'm not impressed.
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