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    Steam Boiler Mixing Valve? (1 Post)

  • astoria2013 astoria2013 @ 4:54 PM
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    Steam Boiler Mixing Valve?

    We are located in section of Queens NY with primary steam oil and gas boilers.  A majority of them have tankless coils.  My questions is...
    We have been running into a lot of problems with mixing valves.  We primarily use Taco and Honeywell.  I know they dont recommend them for steam boilers, but what else can we use?  I have not come across a steam recommended mixing valve.  does anyone know if a good mixing valve that is OK for steam jobs?  All the jobs have been pipes per manuals with drips, checkvalves where needed, etc...  It seems to be a real problem with new boilers and coils and new mixing valves.  Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.     -Paul
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