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    banging n water spitting (3 Posts)

  • wobbie wobbie @ 4:05 PM
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    banging n water spitting

    i have a burnham oil fired burner thats working excellent but i have a banging problem and water coming out of the valves of two radiators. i closed off the radiator in the living room and the banging stopped but i still have water coming up to the radiator in my bed room on the second floor. Do i have a clog or can it be the positioning of my pipes .
  • pipeking pipeking @ 6:18 PM
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    got some
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 10:12 PM
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    Could be several things

    plugged return line, boiler over-filled, wet steam from dirty water or bad near-boiler piping........

    Where are you located?
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