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    Clean Steam generator (3 Posts)

  • DrewM DrewM @ 9:02 PM
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    Clean Steam generator

    We are building a new mechanical room in a hospital, and using power plant steam (90 psi) to generate clean steam (15 psi) from softened water with Aerco steam generators for humidification. We are using Dristeem Ultra-sorb Model XV steam dispersion panels in the ductwork. The panels produce condensate, which our engineer has us collecting and sending back to the power plant along with the regular condensate. Is this a good idea? I would think it would throw off the power plant water chemistry.
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    Not a water treatment expert but softened water is probably good. Also the quantity i would think is not enough to be an issue
  • DrewM DrewM @ 7:34 PM
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    Humidifier panels have two steam ports- one for humidifier steam (which could come from a separate source) and one to run a small heat exchanger that guarantees that all the humidifier steam is evaporated. It's the second one that creates the condensate. In our case all this steam is generated from softened water at the (power plant) steam powered steam generator. I am worried about sending back the untreated water from a source outside of the boiler feedwater system. Even if it works in practice, the theory bugs me.
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