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    oil burner efficiency (3 Posts)

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    oil burner efficiency

    I have a American Radiator boiler (100,000 btu) with an old (maybe original) 2 pipe burner. It fires up instantly and no smoke from chimney. The flame seems ok. Does it pay to buy new gun. If so, what is the most efficient ?
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 11:25 PM
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    What model

    is the boiler, and what burner is on it? Post some pictures if you can. 
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  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 7:42 AM
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    Whats a 2 pipe burner?

    Do you mean you have a 2 pipe oil line system?

    Is the burner a beckett, carlin, Wayne, ? Can you post a picture or read some number off of it, maybe find a picture online....

    If its a 3450 rpm burner and works I wouldnt change it, if it costs you $800 to change the burner how long will it take to get your $800 back in fuel savings, and is the boiler itself going to last that long before it needs to be replaced? \

    Always think about the long run, if you have a 3450 burner swapping it for a newer one may save you 5% {probably not, going from a 1725 to a 3450 sometimes wouldn't save 5%} so if you are paying $2000 a year for oil it will take almost a decade to get your $800 back, thats not a good investment.... If you want to save on energy get an ODR control programmable thermostats, delta T circualtors, cleaning and tune up, ect. them things may cost you under the cost of a burner and can be moved to a new boiler when you do replace your unit... Plus I have saved people 20+% with ODR's and delta t circs...

    "if it aint broke, dont fix it"
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