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  • jhansen jhansen @ 7:02 PM
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    bucket trap

    I have an old moline bucket trap that wont let condensate pass through it. It is a model G8. 1 1/4 inch in line piping. Also there is a swing check after it feeding into a condensate tank. I wanted to replace both and install a strainer in front of trap. Any advice?
  • jhansen jhansen @ 7:43 PM
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    bucket trap

    Actually Im now wondering if this is the right kind of trap for the application. The garden apartments in a 100 year old single pipe system were added later. All the radiators in the garden are up on blocks to aid in condensate return. Then the return runs to a condensate tank buried in the floor with a bucket trap in line before the tank. What about a hoffman f&t?

  • RJ RJ @ 7:57 PM
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    Bucket traps need to be primed after installation,  This is done by opening the inlet valve first and than the outlet, in some cases water has to be poured into the trap.  Sarco/Spirax has good tech info online. The check valve is there to keep a backflow from other cond. lines especially if there are vertical cond, lines. Good piping practice requires a gate valve than a wye strainer than the trap with unions on both sides than a check valve in alot of applications. In alot of high press. steam applications a by pass line is installed above the trap piping usually of a smaller pipe diameter. and isolation valves on both sides of trap.
  • JStar JStar @ 8:08 PM
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    Are the radiators trapped? They are one pipe radiators? How is the air getting out of the system?
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  • jhansen jhansen @ 9:00 PM
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    All piping to radiators is hidden in walls. They have a steam vent on each radiator. The original call was water coming out of radiator vents in garden apartment which is 3 feet above the condensate tank. When we replaced some 90s with tees we were able to watch condensate drain. Attached is my rendering. 
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