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  • Kevinwva Kevinwva @ 3:55 PM
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    Water just started leaking out of my furnace this morning - not out of the unit per se, but out of this pipe that looks like a drain pipe. (just above the plastic container.) Is it the pressure valve?
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 6:09 PM
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    It is the pressure relief valve.There are several possible causes for it to leak. A defective auto-fill regulator can allow the pressure in the system to creep up and cause it to discharge.Close the supply valve to eliminate that as a possibility. What does the pressure gauge read on the boiler? An expansion tank with a burst bladder or a flooded tank can cause the problem. Tap on the tank, bottom then top. there should be air in the tank. Let us know the results of those and we'll keep going.
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