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    ITT T99B anticipator setting (2 Posts)

  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:00 PM
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    ITT T99B anticipator setting

    Can't seem to find a manual for one of these old beasts online - does anyone have a link or a PDF?

    Printed on inside of cover:

    Cat. No. T99BV303J
    See S.D.I. for installation & operation
    24 Volt max
    .3 - .8 Amp.

    I can measure the current easily enough, but not sure what to aim for with a generic scorched air furnace.  Right now the deadband is way too big - it overshoots setpoint by around 7F before shutting down.
  • Empire Empire @ 4:00 PM
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    What is you anticipation reading at the t-stat after the fan comes on?  That's you anticipation....assuming it has an anticipator.  As you know the higher setting, the longer the run cycle and the shorter naturally shortens the cycle.  If this thing is that old, don't count on the same controls inside that were original.  7* over shoot is incredibly high.  Make sure if it is a adjustable slide type that there are no burn marks usually caused by either jumping the stat out when it calls for heat or some control in the past burnt it out.  Switch to standard digital and see what kind of results you can obtain.

    Mike T.
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