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  • almartia almartia @ 1:07 AM
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    If I decide to leave my oil furnace on, set at 43 degrees, to heat the house while it is vacant during the NH winter, I've been told that I should also shut down the power to the water well and pump and drain the pipes. How does this affect the hot water baseboard heating?

    Is the baseboard heating a closed water system..... Will it work if the rest of the house has no water because it has been turned off?

    I don't want to "winterize" the house and let it sit cold for the entire season...could damage wood floors, walls, & foundation.
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:10 AM
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    it shouldn't

    as long as the system is tight.  Try shutting off the fill valve for a few days and see if your pressure drops.
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 1:52 PM
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    Other ideas.....

    To me, 43 is cutting it close.  Doesnt give you much leeway if the system has a problem.  If it were me, I would make sure there is some freeze protection to warn you if the heater shuts off--alarm contacts on the primary control or thermostat.  Also, you should have a low water cut-off also...just in case.
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