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  • Aaron_in_Maine Aaron_in_Maine @ 9:20 PM
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    Riello g200

    I installed a Riello G200 on a Biasi b10 boiler last November. Got a call for burner locked out. When I reset burner it goes through pre purge then during trial for ignition it clicks the gas valve on off six or seven times in the 5 seconds. I found what I thought was a bad ground(I reused the old bx cable with the plug in it.) Installed a new piece of bx wire with a solid ground burner runs great. Cycled power a couple times before I left the next to last time it locked out again. Reset it and it ran fine. I talked to a fellow tech who used to rep riello he told me they had some problems with the control boxes. Just wondering if anyone has run into these issues. Any advice would be great as I think I might end up back there again.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 10:04 PM
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    I have installed a few...

    Haven't had any problems, although I had a 400 {I believe it was a 400} that went through a couple controls only to find out the air damper motor was causing the problem, after we swapped that out and the third control it never called back..
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