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    enerjet 14,000 btu gas furnace (2 Posts)

  • gell45 gell45 @ 8:56 PM
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    enerjet 14,000 btu gas furnace

    I just removed all the air from 2 upper zones in the furnace. I changed the the expansion tank, as well the air release valve. All air problem are gone. The furnace is 16 years old, and has 5 zones on it, that only 4 are on all the time, with the 5th being the basement, used rarely. Now when the furnace turns on, I hear a sound of boiling , rumbling from the furnace. I cannot contact enerjet, they are out of business. I keep the temp of the furnace@ 180. Can anyone help me fix this problem, PLEASE
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 9:25 PM
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    What is the pressure and temperature in the boiler?
    Can we get some pics of the unit and the piping?
    What kind of emitters do you have? Baseboard?
    Is this a new problem?
    Zone valves or circulators?
    14,000 BTU? 5 zones?

    Answer these questions and we will get you sorted out...

    PS- I think you double posted a dozen times or so...
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