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    monoflo?? (5 Posts)

  • Paul S Paul S @ 11:52 PM
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    hey doing a oil to gas conversion at this job....and i believe this is a one pipe diverter tee system but never seen these tee's this one???...and if it is the customer is adding a partition to a room that has a radiator hooked up to 2 of these tee's ....and he wants me to add another rad....would i be able to just cut the pipe rethread it and install a copper tee with a diverter tee on the return???
    thanks PAUL S
  • pipeking pipeking @ 10:02 AM
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    this is a monoflo system, it's either really old or a custom system. the tee that r being use r just regular cast tees, they have no baffles inside. the way this system works is by reducing the pipe size of the main between the tee's of the load which will force some of the flow to go thru the load. (I've done this before for a toe kick heater when i didn't have a mono tee available).
     I'm not sure what your asking about the rad u wanto hook up. r u asking if u can hook it up to the return of the other rad? if u want to put them in series u will prolly have to put larger feed&return lines/tees in for the bigger load.
  • Paul S Paul S @ 7:00 PM
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    PipeKing what im asking is ....the customer would like another radiator installed in a room ....would i be able to tap into this main with copper like a regular diverter tee system using a new copper tee and a monoflo tee on the return on the NEW radiator???basically adding a radiator using the existing main....PAUL S
  • pipeking pipeking @ 7:18 PM
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    i would

    not cut in copper (brass) monoflo tees into the main. keep the main all steel, do not go from steel to copper then back to steel. add your tees for the feed/ret just like what is there, use the same size tees and pipe configuration as the original system. once u do that i see no problem running copper from the main (the cast tees u just installed) to your radiator and back.
  • Paul S Paul S @ 7:24 PM
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    thank you

    thank you for all the help
    PAUL S
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