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    no heat in one zone- all baseboards (2 Posts)

  • jandrews jandrews @ 1:25 AM
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    no heat in one zone- all baseboards

    Hi there

    I have a burnham seriese 2 model 204NCL LEI223 CGA 4.9.1969 boiler.

    Problems: No heat out of one zone- all baseboards cold

    So far
    Checked thermostats- all work and valves make noise when turned up, switches in each zone make contact.
    Took head of and verified that valve body turns loosely.

    Gauge reads 192 degreess and at 18 psi

    Question: when thermostat calls for heat and switch makes contact, how long does furnace remain on. When calling for heat it
    only stayed on for a few minutes- 5 minutes. Is this normal?

    Question: recirculation pump- comes on approximately every two - three minutes and stays on for 8 seconds, cycles through again

    Is this normal?

    4 zone system

    one upstairs- 3 bedrooms
    one upstairs- living room and dining room

    one downstairs- west
    one downstairs- east

    all eat baseboards cold ( checked with infrared )

    Question: if all thermostats are on shouldn't the furnace burners be on for quite a while until all pipes heat up?

    Question: If i close all thermostats, and turn one one, how soon will it call for heat ( i.e. ) should the burners fire up
    and stay on until temperature is reached.

    Main Problem: east downstairs, pipe is cold above zone valve, all baseboards are cold?

    I have included a diagram, if i need to shut down boiler in order to get water into it or reset system could you show me using hte diagram how i would do that

    John andrews
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 11:38 AM
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    Sounds Like

    You might have a bad pump. Can you actually see the coupling spinning between the pump motor and bearing assambly?
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