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    Gas light parts (6 Posts)

  • zepfan zepfan @ 7:15 PM
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    Gas light parts

    Does anyone know where to get parts for gas lights that you would have installed at a house? I have a customer that has one that is about thirty years old, that there is no manufacturer or make on. I am looking to replace the control knob that is broken, if the part or rebuild kit is available.thanks to all.
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 7:01 AM
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    Gas lights

    Can you post a picture of the light, and maybe the valve in question?--NBC
  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 7:26 PM
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    ... is the last maker of gas lights I know of.  I'm pretty sure they are still in business.

    Yours,  Larry
  • Matthew Grallert Matthew Grallert @ 10:25 AM
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    lehmans nonelectric

    try Lehmans nonelectric I could be wrong on the spelling.
    good luck
  • tim smith tim smith @ 9:33 AM
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    Re: gas lights etc

    Solara lighting still sells some real fancy gas lights. Quite nice.  I think I still have some mantles  for the old gas lights we use to work on here in Seattle.  Basically the same as the old fibrous ones in coleman white gas lights.  Pretty simple
  • zepfan zepfan @ 1:27 PM
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    found the parts

    i was able to find the parts from a company called modern home products,and then bought them locally.they worked perfect.thanks to all
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