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  • Tom Tom @ 7:54 AM
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    Your State...

    I reside in Vermont, and recently found out that Colorado doesn't require a license (in most areas of it) to install and work on heating equipment. In Vermont you need licensing to work on gas, oil, plumbing, or heating. If you are a Master Plumber you can do anything heating, solar, plumbing. Vermont also has a heating specialist who can install heating and water heater. Gas and oil are still a separate license for everyone.

    My question is what is the deal in your state, is it like Colorado or Vt or is it something entirely different?
  • Steve Whitbeck Steve Whitbeck @ 9:16 AM
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    Michigan - You need to be licensed to work on HVAC, Plumbing is a seperate license. Comercial hydronics requires another license. Heating contractors can do water heaters but plumbers can't do water heaters over 300,000 BTU without an HVAC license. ( Cant remember exact BTU )
  • SWEI SWEI @ 2:13 PM
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    New Mexico

    Has four different mechanical license classes (plumbing, gas, HVAC, and process piping/refrigeration) plus a separate LPG license.  There are also thirteen different journeyman cards.
  • James Day James Day @ 4:17 PM
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    NY state does not have any licenses. Certain local city's have there own. But nothing statewide. The city is its own animal.
  • Gordy Gordy @ 5:49 PM
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    Only roofing contractors are required to be licensed per state wide.

    Every town, county, city has their own requirements for other types of construction.

    Where I live the HO can do what ever so long as a permit is pulled, and inspections pass except tying in water, and sewer to the mains.
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  • AFred AFred @ 7:17 PM
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    I am a residential pipefitter. I work on boilers, boilers, and boilers, oh ya and some ac too.
    In MN the state offers a high pressure steam license and a plumbing license. I don't have ether, I can't tell you about plumbing.
    The permits are pulled with the local city, in the metro area most suburbs only require a contractor's license.

    Minneapolis and St. Paul both require the shop to have a master license for whatever your doing and someone with a journeyman license on the job. I.E.: for me to put in a boiler in Minneapolis I need my journeyman gas and journeyman hot water/low pressure steam, both of them in Minneapolis, and someone at my shop must have a master in both to pull the permit. If I were to put in a mini-split I would need my journeyman refrigeration license. If I worked on tin I would need a 'warm air' card. This is why most of my work is in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I am required to have all licenses in both towns.

    Some random cities in the metro require/recip a Minneapolis or St Paul license.

    Sometimes I wonder why some towns even want you to pull a permit. Since some of the inspectors don't know what a boiler is. However they are part of the reason why I get paid well to do this job I love.
  • Tom Tom @ 7:00 AM
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    As I suspected

    I figured that all states would be different, Vt also has us doing a couple hours of CO training every 2 years which is good because there are still things we need to learn.

    Keep them coming guys... any other state codes?
  • kcopp kcopp @ 3:48 PM
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    New Hampshire...

    you need to be Licenced. to work on gas... No licence for oil. Depending on where you go in the state will define wether you are checked for that licence... out in the more remote parts of the state there may not be any building official to check on licencing.
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