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    Snow Melt Water Temps (5 Posts)

  • Wayco Wayne Wayco Wayne @ 8:56 AM
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    Snow Melt Water Temps

    I have a small snowmelt system for our sidewalk out fron. What sort of water temps should I be seeing across the system, supply and return when it is operating during a snowstorm???
  • Zman Zman @ 2:09 PM
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    It depends...

    It really depends on the design. We just did one with 3/4" pex at 9"oc. We used 2" blue board and centered the tubes. It runs really well at about 100-120. I tried it hotter and the heat was uneven. Lower temps also put less thermal stress on the concrete.
  • Wayco Wayne Wayco Wayne @ 4:11 PM
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    I've been running at 90 and was afraid that was too high. I have it set down to 80 as an experiment. I'll let you know how it flys.
  • Steve Whitbeck Steve Whitbeck @ 8:31 PM
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    90* is the normal design temp for snow melt. Too hot and you will damage the concrete.
  • Zman Zman @ 9:54 PM
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    good info

    I may try it a bit lower.
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