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    GeoThermal DX systems (2 Posts)

  • mars mars @ 7:09 PM
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    GeoThermal DX systems

    Does anyone have any experiance with Earthlink direct exchange geo systems in heating dominated climates? Any feedback would be apreciated. Thanks Mars
    Matt Rossi
  • EddieG EddieG @ 5:08 PM
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    Not Earthlink

    But have seen and worked on other ground source DX systems. Not a fan. High refrigerant capacity is the biggest problem. The systems I worked on held over 30lbs of R22, at today's prices! I know of 2 systems in my area, less than 10 years old that have been replaced with conventional systems. Of course current models would be R410A. Go with Water Source Geo and use a qualified contractor.
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