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  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 4:17 PM
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    Sunboard Radiant Heat Panels

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking to convert from forced hot air to radiant heat. Since I'm going to be redoing most of the flooring on the first floor I'm thinking I may as well do the radiant heat. Second floor I'm thinking of doing base boards since I don't want to rip out all of that flooring. My question is, will just radiant heat on the first floor heat the whole main level - or will I need base boards as well? Also, there's a local company here on Long Island (NY) that does Sunboard Panels... Has anyone ever heard of this? Any experience with them? Any Good?

    Thanks for any and all input!
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:39 PM
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    radiant floors with baseboard

    Will require two different ODR curves and may not perform the way you expect.  High-output baseboard will improve things, but panel radiators or even better, radiant ceilings would be my choice.

    No experience with Sunboard - they look similar to Warm Brothers, which has an aluminum surface but no metal in the grooves.  If so, it will need 5-10F hotter water than WarmBoard or RauPanel will.
  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 4:45 PM
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    would I be better off just doing base boards throughout the whole house than?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:55 PM
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    certainly not

    Radiant heat requires surface area, and baseboards just don't have much of that.  They work almost entirely by convection, which requires hotter water and is generally less comfortable.

    Run the numbers for the ground floor and see what your design temp needs to be.  Then look at options for the second floor.  Radiant ceilings should be a perfect match when properly designed.  Plate radiators can use 10-20F hotter water when sized for that.  The difference between those two curves will be far less noticeable than the 60-80F difference baseboard will require.

    Don't overlook the limitations that radiators and baseboard both impose on furniture layout.  Decorators and wives are generally happier without them.
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  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 4:59 PM
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    now the house is on a slab, no basement. my concern is about these panel systems, like sun board, which i mentioned already. are they enough to heat the main living area without any supplement to the radiant floors. i have no experience with these radiant panels? any reccomendations? do you think these sun board panels will do?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 5:05 PM
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    house on slab

    Is the slab insulated underneath?  If not, you should be looking at RauPanel, Roth, or something else which does not conduct much heat downward.
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  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 5:24 PM
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    That I don't know. How would I know if its insulated underneath?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 6:08 PM
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    When was it built?

    will tell us if further exploration is necessary.
  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 2:37 PM
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    Year built

  • SWEI SWEI @ 5:34 PM
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    If you decide on floor heat, isolate or you'll spend about a third of your fuel heating dirt.
  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 4:45 PM
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    would I be better off just doing base boards throughout the whole house than?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:34 PM
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    better off doing

    Whatever produces the most radiant energy at the lowest cost and the least disruption of the living space.  Radiant ceilings, radiant walls, and panel radiators should probably be on your short list.
  • Sunboardpanel Sunboardpanel @ 1:56 PM
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    Sunboardpanel manufactures 4 panels, all have aluminum in grooves except for our 5/8" OSB panel. We have a Showroom with fully functioning panels and boiler. See for yourself, request a sample.
    Do you have a radiant project coming up and unsure of what product to use?  Request a sample package from North East Hydronic Radiant Inc.  We will send you a sample of our radiant panels and you be the judge.  Send us an Email to please include the address you would like samples sent. Or you can visit us on the web at:  [u][size=12][color=#800080][/color][/size][/u][size=12] and click on the email link.[/size]
  • AlexS AlexS @ 8:23 PM
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    Just an observation....

    Long Island here also.. I have the Sunboard panels in my home under a hardwood floor.  It was a last minute addition to a very large remodel project... Money was getting tight, so I cheaped out and got the 5/8 OSB panels with the thinner aluminum sheet. 

    The aluminum does extend into the tubing channels for some direct contact with the tubing, though it's only about 3/8" on either side of the channel.  

    Standard 2" flooring nails barely extend below the radiant panels, so the bulk of the holding power comes from the OSB... Next time I would step up to the plywood panels he offers. 
  • J_Anthony J_Anthony @ 2:36 PM
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    Good to know

    Do you use just the sunboard panel solely for heat? Does it heat enough?
  • AlexS AlexS @ 2:54 PM
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    No issue keeping the place toasty.  Im running a Vitodens 100 on outdoor reset...
  • Gordy Gordy @ 10:34 PM
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