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    Water Noise From Baseboard Loop (2 Posts)

  • Bill Tschinkel Bill Tschinkel @ 1:55 PM
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    Water Noise From Baseboard Loop

    I need some help with how to eliminate a unpleasant sound coming from a hot water heating baseboard loop. The problem area is in the second floor of a large residence. The other two zones of the second floor are operating fine and as quiet as it should be.
    When the zone pump starts it sounds like a "running brook or small stream". Sometimes the noise remaines and other times it goes away. Room temperature maintains set point and the customer is happy except for the noise and only in this one  noisy zone.
    The system is equipped with six zone pumps, pumping away piping configuration. HW loop is equipped with a Spirovent air seperator and we leave the city water make valve open at all times. I vented air from the loop but the noise remaines.  
    Looking for recommendations
    Thank you, Bill
  • kcopp kcopp @ 12:22 AM
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    try out....

    this trick. Pump in about a pint of dawn dishwashing detergent in to the boiler.... 90% sure it will work. let us know if it works.
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