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    Snowmelt Design (2 Posts)

  • Korean_Redneck Korean_Redneck @ 10:01 AM
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    Snowmelt Design

    I am working on a Senior Design Project on a snowmelt system for a runway. I need some help figuring the heat required in the pipes and how far apart the pipes need to be to effectively melt the snow. Also, I need to know if I need a reheater or additional heat exchanger in order to keep the required temperature. The sample size of the runway I am using is 150 ft wide by 1000 ft long.

    Info to take acct
    1. Snowfall rate up to 3.5 in/hr
    2. Average air Temp at 16 F (-8.89 C)
    3. Layers -> Pipe - 2 in. NWT Concrete - 2 in Asphalt
    4. Pipe is PEX (HDPE)
    5. Mixture in pipes is propylene glycol and water (40%:60%)
    6. Pipe - ID - 1 in, OD - 1.125 in
    7. Pipe will run parallel with the runway

  • Zman Zman @ 11:08 PM
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