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    Sprinter look a like from Fiat (14 Posts)

  • hot rod hot rod @ 10:35 PM
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    Sprinter look a like from Fiat

    This Fiat van is fairly common in Europe. It looks like Dodge will re-brand it for the US market.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:58 PM
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    nice to see another

    3-4 litre DIesel option available here in the US.  We've been deprived for too long...
  • smklin smklin @ 10:58 AM
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  • hot rod hot rod @ 3:30 PM
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    other brands

    This Ford had Transit name on the back.

    Opel, Renault, Iveco and Peugeot were some other Sprinter-like vans I spotted.
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 1:07 PM
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    ford has one coming too

    the 2014 ford is a 3 liter diesel. 
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
  • Steve Steve @ 9:01 PM
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    I've heard

    The Transit will replace the Econoline
    Don't know if that's true.
    I had an early Transit 1986 in Ireland Back in the day. Still think it's the best van I ever owned
    I have a sprinter now, But it has been lots of trouble
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 9:48 PM
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    My sprinter

    Will be 9 years old this spring. I did just put 6 tires 2nd set 135k miles and a trans repair that was almost 3K for the trans 1k for the tires but thats been it. just need to get 3 more years out of it.
  • Tom Tom @ 2:02 PM
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    One of these companies can step up with an AWD or even better 4WD option. Ford has sort of thought about it but hasn't committed.
  • Steve Steve @ 7:29 PM
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    My sprinter

    Is the 2007 model I waited for the new model to Come out And I really regret that now
    The older model seems to Have been a much better van
    38,000 miles, Rebuilt tranny, new catalytic converter And lots of other smaller problems
    It's the downtime that kills you, off the road, on average at least one day a month since
    New. I wonder if it is a bad thing to buy the first model of anything.
    I've always had a Ford With little or no trouble. So I will be going back to Ford from here on in. Although I am A little concerned about buying the first model of the Transit just in case they haven't ironed out the kinks
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 8:31 PM
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    I bought an 05 sprinter {freightliner}

    It was junk, and NEVER again will I go down that road.... 2 Turbos, egr problems, transmission trouble, blow by at 100K miles{I no longer had it then though}, terrible service, ect..

    The gas mileage was good, the van looked good, and the high roof was nice, but you couldnt get it to run a month at a time... Terrible ordeal...

    I will stick to my Chevy/GMC 2500 trucks, single axle knap utility bodies. Buy a new one every 2 years and get rid of the oldest one at the same time, they cost about $28K with automatic, pwr doors, a/c, cd, and the body installed.... I have had 4wd but like the 2wd better, service is cheaper mgp is better, cost is less.... Also I don't buy diesels anymore, gas engines are just less trouble, had some bad luck with the diesels... Back to KISS method, {keep it simple stupid}
  • Steve Steve @ 7:50 PM
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    This sprinter was

    My first diesel in this country. For the mileage we do if gas is more reliable it's a no-brainer
    I have a Ford E350 utility master nine years old no problems, GAS.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 9:26 PM
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    Sprinter engines

    Just about every I5 owner I know is very happy.  Can't say the same of the V6 owners.
  • Tom Tom @ 6:45 AM
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    I've had both

    The 2007 is awesome for it's room and smooth ride. Its the long wheelbase which helps a lot in the winter driving conditions. The 2004 was awesome in the summer when I was getting 28 - 29 MPG the 2007 goliath is only at 24 in the summer 18 in the winter combined driving. These vans are very much like the new mod cons, they need VERY specific service in proper intervals by qualified techs or the problems will come. In all the miles I put on both vans the only non wear part I put in was a computer in the 04 under warranty so no big deal. Diesels require proper break in times and need to be fussed over like a bad customer if you don't want that headache steer clear and buy the gasser.
    When the Ford does show up I may go with the ecoboost gas based purely on the boat load of emissions they will be forced to put on the diesel to meet EPA standards.
  • Steve Steve @ 10:40 AM
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    My sprinter

    Never ran right from day one I had it back to the dealer seven times in the first year losing seven days
    I don't know if I just got a lemon But I have not met anybody who is 100% happy with the 2007 and later model
    I know Mercedes now have a bluetec engine maybe these are better
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