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  • frankie333 frankie333 @ 8:55 AM
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    NOISIEST Burnham Alpine

    Hi folks, this is the first heating season that this Alpine has gone through.  I have called an HVAC repair person on multiple occasions. anyway the problem is the neighborhood can hear the system..loudly 2 houses down the street, and of course, in the house it is TRULY horrible when the noise comes on.  I tried to record the sound but I can only record the clicking sound the burner makes.  HELP anyone, please!!!  It sounds like someone is moving furniture.  A neighbor thought someone had broken in. Thank you!
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 9:31 AM
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    call a tech.

    You need to get a tech there and do a combustion test, before something happens... obviously not running rite if you can hear it, I have installed alpines and never had one sound how you are explaining it, is this NG or LP?
  • Zman Zman @ 1:13 PM
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    Combustion analysis

    As Heatpro said, Combustion test.
    Don't let anyone touch it unless the intend to do a combustion test. You are living with a potentially dangerous situation.
  • j a j a @ 11:14 AM
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    1 When does the noise occur ? On start up I assume..
    2 Did it just start or has it gradually got louder?
    3 Post a pic of venting….
    4 Do you have a copy of installers report on initializing…Did you call him/her back?
    5 Is this natural gas and, if so, what is gas pressure,and is main/riser properly sized?
    Chances are it is a simple fuel/air adjustment…..If it was installed correctly….
    Not installed correctly it could be other issues as well
  • j a j a @ 2:08 PM
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    I as other posters on this site truly appear to enjoy it,why else would we…Many of the questions and responses also help us…..I ask when I/we respond you give us feedback,as to what may have helped…..
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