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    gastite fittings (6 Posts)

  • ndb74 ndb74 @ 5:33 PM
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    gastite fittings

    I have usually used wardflex in the past and now I am using gastite. Could someone please walk me through the correct procedure for putting on a fitting. They seem to bottom out and then they leak. Btw does anyone know the pressure rating for the pipe and fittings
  • RobG RobG @ 5:45 PM
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    As with any CSST manufacturer you need to be certified to install their product. Most manufacturers reps do the training classes, however your wholesaler should not be selling you the product without certification. Get certified before you end up hurting someone. The certification is free, you will get a card stating that you are certified on the product. If a wholesaler sold you the product without a cert they are messing with the devil.
  • icesailor icesailor @ 5:53 PM
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    CSST Tube & Fittings:

    You know that you need the manufacturers certification for each type.brand to purchase and install it?
    You know that you can't swap fittings with fittings?
    WardFlex and TiteFlex tube is not interchangeable with each others fittings.
    The spacings of the concentric's are unique to each manufacturer.
    Leaks can occur when using the wrong fittings on the tube.
    I always liked TiteFlex the best. It held on the best. The supplier I buy from went from TiteFlex to TracPipe because of the "CounterStrike" tube.
    You absolutely can not interchange those two tubes. Where you can really have a problem is when you try to tie in to existing CSST systems. If you don't have the proper fittings for the existing CSST, you can't connect it.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 7:22 PM
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    OK for the record

    I agree with everyone else when it comes to this type of gas line it should be done by a certified tech. But also, I know it sucks to ask how to do it... You should have bought what you are used to...

    Now that being said, is it yello or black gastie, the black has the flashshield installed...
    We can not legally install yellow here anymore..

    If it is black, cut it to length with a tubing cutter, try to get it in between and cut it nice and slow and make sure its a clean cut... Then strip back the first layer of black the wire mesh and the second layer of black to expose like 1.5 ribs, put the nut on, then the two half shells, then fit it into the fitting, and make sure it doesnt really bottom out all the way, you want the nut to bottom it out.... Keep in mind you need the gas tite fittings for the black gastite or it will not work, there are 2 different fittings from gastite, the flashsheild ones have a sharp tooth that breaks through the second sheild and into the wire mesh for the electrical bonding...

    If its the yellow gastite, then you just cut it to length strip back 6 or so inches of the jacket {used to leave it in the fitting, but now it must be bonded.} , install the 2 halfs on the second rip and tighten the nut....

    On both units make sure not to turn the base fitting use 2 wrenches...
    Check for leaks with bouble solution and check really good because you can have such a small leak with this stuff you dont see it rite away... I like to test it with the compressor first...

    And try to get certified its not worth blowing up someones family and house for a 30 minutes class and gastite gives you pizza and soda........... its delicious....
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  • HDE HDE @ 11:39 PM
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    On the yellow jacket gastite, you only remove the jacket back 1/2" from the end. Attach the 2 half compression sleeves. This will leave the jacket inside the nut.
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  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 5:48 PM
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    I dont use the yellow anymore

    but local inspectors towards the end wanted it stripped back and bonded, can't bond it with out stripping it back I guess... Ward flex always had you strip it way back away from the fitting... Yellow is outlawed here now all together...
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