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  • Steve Garson Steve Garson @ 6:38 PM
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    Radiant off steam boiler

    OK, I know this is not best practices, but...

    The Combi-core water heater that heats my addition with radiant heat (15,000BTU heat loss) needs replacement. This will be my third and I want to do something that will last.  The heat load is rather small, so a dedicated boiler seems a bit expensive and unnecessary.  My WM-SGO-3 steam boiler has an Everhot heat exhanger tank to heat a small hydonic loop (10,000BTU heat loss.

    I was thinking that it might be more cost effective to have another Everhot, or use the same one, to heat the radiant loop.  Any thoughts?

    Steve Garson
    Boston, MA
    Steve from Newton, MA
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