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    Air in Oil Line (4 Posts)

  • KareninDE KareninDE @ 12:16 PM
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    Air in Oil Line

    Lost heat 6-8 weeks ago. Oil company came out and replaced fuel pump. Went from a 2 line pump to a single line pump. Two weeks later, no heat again. Tech came out and said the compression fitting on the line was leaking, he checked the rest of the line to the tank and it was fine. He tightened the fitting and all seemed ok for a week. Tech came out again and replaced the compression fitting with a fitting that only allows oil to flow in one direction. Everything seemed fine for about 10 days. Tech came out said the new fitting needed to be tightened and system was up and running again. An hour later the office called and said I needed to replace my lines from the tank to the furnace and the cost would be over $400. They recommended that I get the work done before I had another failure. Two days later, no heat. At this time I have lost all confidence in my oil company. I am without heat and reluctant to call them again. Do I really need to replace the lines or do I need to replace my oil company? Please help!
  • JStar JStar @ 4:09 PM
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    Compression fittings are not suited for oil lines. You need flared joints. Get a new company.
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  • icesailor icesailor @ 9:35 PM
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    New Line:

    First, get a new service provider/oil company. If in fact it is a compression fitting, it doesn't belong there and it has been illegal to use compression fittings for at least 40 years on oil.
    Then, put a Tigerloop on the pump and connect to ONE line.
    Is this an underground tank (UST)?
  • earl burnermann earl burnermann @ 11:39 AM
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    no check valves please

    I would vac check the pump and oil line from the fitting closest to the tank. If you have no leak then your problem is outside. Otherwise find the leak. It could be a bad flair, pin leak in the line, a bad gasket on the top or bottom of your fuel filter, you may have to have the pump fittings redoped or replace the gasket. Check valves do not fix suction leaks, they just add vac to the line. Tigerloop is a good idea too. It is a nice way to create a small reservoir to heat the oil.
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