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    Oil to gas, steam to water conversion (1 Post)

  • fastcat fastcat @ 3:11 PM
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    Oil to gas, steam to water conversion

    I am planning a conversion from oil to
    gas. I have bids from three contractors with three different boilers and three
    different heat load calculations. They are all experienced and the price difference
    among them is very small.

    The house has two stories, about 2000 sq.
    ft., 2/3 of it is 170 years old (assumed uninsulated) and 1/3 is 35 years old
    and insulated. It has a rubble foundation and dirt floor where the boiler will
    be installed.

    The old part of the house is heated by
    steam, the newer part by FHW through baseboards. A Burnham V8 series oil fired
    boiler services both zones as well as the indirect water heater. The baseboard
    loop is fed from a tankless coil in the boiler, so it is clean. As with many of
    its ilk, the boiler is leaking water, but I have managed to limp though most
    of our northeast winter with it.

    I am planning to replace the
    8 single pipe steam radiators (in 7 rooms) with Ecostyle panel radiators and replace the
    boiler with a high efficiency gas condensing boiler. The three proposed boilers
    are Viessmann Vitodens 100-W, Lochinvar Knight 155K btu and Weil-McLain WM97.
    All three contractors did heat load calculations, but the results show as much
    as a 50% variation in some rooms.

    Are there some criteria I can use to
    evaluate the bids?
    Is there a clear preference among the
    three proposed boilers?
    Is it important that the installer
    also service the boiler in future years?

    Thanks for any guidance you can
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