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    Hot water loop off steam boiler (2 Posts)

  • mike mike @ 8:16 PM
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    Hot water loop off steam boiler

    I have a Utica steam boiler and I need to create a new zone of heat for addition. The boiler return side I can remove a plug and create tapping for supply of hot water loop supply. On the other side of the boiler the steam connection is above the water line, I'm left with a gauge glass tapping or a 2/1/2 inch plug on the bottom of the boiler lower then the boiler drain filled with muck. What are my options for making this zone of heat work? If I take it from gauge glass and install a t I'm not sure if it would work. If I install on the bottom of boiler I'm afraid of mucking up the pumps and having to change them often. Please give me some input. Thank you very much
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 8:26 PM
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    Which utica

    Star fire 3?

    Take some pics...

    I do this different depending on whats there, I just did one, I pulled off of the drain {installed a tee where the drain was} and into the return pipe {cut the pipe coming out of the boiler install a tee}... I have seen them all different ways including the glass gauge ports, but not the best idea... I have even seen them piped back in the pop safety.... not rite..
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