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    system bangs (6 Posts)

  • joek joek @ 11:42 AM
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    system bangs

    living in house for 12 years,have a single pipe system that never banged queit as a mouset.Recently my pressuretroll failed system went to 25psi before the air valves screamed and I shut down system. Replaced pressuretroll set @2psi now system bangs???Help anyone Thanks
  • BobC BobC @ 3:43 PM
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    Water got places it shouldn't

    At that kind of pressure you probably had water in all kinds of strange places and it's banging because some of that water is still there.

    Can you localize the hammer to an area? Check all the piping you can get to 9use a level, don't trust your eye) and make sure it's all got the correct slope and make sure there aren't any sags (run a string along each run to check for sags).

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  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 5:53 PM
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    And I might add

    when you get done doing what Bob suggested, which is exactly correct, check those air valves and any traps.  25 psi may well have damaged them pretty badly.

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  • ChrisJ ChrisJ @ 7:12 PM
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    Gauge glass

    How does the water in the gauge glass look?  Is the water level fairly stable while running?  Does it drop a lot during a heating cycle and then return shortly after the system shuts down?
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  • rembrandt rembrandt @ 4:04 PM
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    system bangs

    I had a similar issue where I had abnormally high pressure during a cycle because of a pressuretrol fail. Needed to replace a valve, repack another, and completely get rid of all my rad vents. I stlll swear my system makes more noise than before, but I was waiting for the winter to end before I start tinkering.
  • joek joek @ 5:27 PM
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    system bangs

    Hey guys thanks for all the suggestions replaced air valves and had no banging this morning.On one radiator I had to go with a slower valve and it stopped the bang. Once again thanks to all for your help
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