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    Spare parts for Carlin EZ-Gas Burner (2 Posts)

  • Steve Garson Steve Garson @ 1:43 PM
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    Spare parts for Carlin EZ-Gas Burner

    A heating contractor that visited my home the other day suggested that I buy some spare parts for my EZ-Gas burner.  He said that they can be hard to find in the dead of winter and Carlin may discontinue it in the future, making it even harder to get parts.

    I'm not sure how to take what he said, but it seems like it might be sensible to stock the parts that might be most likely to fail at some point.

    What are your thoughts?  What parts are most likely to fail?

    Steve Garson
    Boston, MA
    Steve from Newton, MA
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 2:01 PM
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    Spare parts?

    I guess if you have the spare money it can't hurt, but where do you draw the line, a replacement burner motor, ignitor, gas valve, Primary control, APS, there isn't much to the burner and not many parts that are cheap enough to throw in a box "just incase". For $600 you can buy an entire new burner, where $600 in separate parts isn't going to get you everything....

    As far as parts not being available, I don't see that happening, its all pretty basic stuff...

    If you burner is in good shape, the best thing you can do to be proactive about service is yearly maintenance, get the unit cleaned tuned and checked out by a decent pro each year and you will be fine...
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