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  • Housedoc Housedoc @ 9:49 PM
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    Electric Radiant

    I have a customer wanting to do floor warming in a 150 sq. ft master bathroom. He asked me to explore the difference between hydronic and an electric mat. But I have zero experience with electric radiant. Can anyone offer their expertise and opinions on the differences as well as what to look for in product? I know there is a big difference in operating cost. But even with 240 volt electric, its still under $100 per year.

    Please try not to stone me for considering this option.
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  • Gordy Gordy @ 11:04 PM
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    If the customer already has hydronic heat then I would have to ask why not hydronic based RFH.

    If no hydronic system is in place, and electric service has the capacity, and electric rates are cheap then go with the electric radiant. Operating costs would be lower in a floor warming use than a sole heating based use.

    I like the design though have never used the zmesh system by heatizon.
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