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    Alpine MCBA - indirect insltallation (1 Post)

  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 12:29 PM
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    Alpine MCBA - indirect insltallation

    I'm a home owner considering installing indirect water heater, but I have a lot of ?'s. Alpine manual show the indirect piped off the boiler loop with it's own circulator.
    but the new manuals show piping off the header near the loop.
    Why the difference.

    2.what's the pros and cons of these methods and piped as a zone with a zone valve.I already have a 1" zone valve on a zone i don't use.

    3. The MCBA runs either the boiler circulator if switched with heating thermostat
    connections, or the indirect circulator with the water heater connections.
    Can I connect both of those circulator wires to the one boiler loop circulator
    so that the boiler loop circulator runs under both situation?
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