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    Indirect installation on Alpine with MCBA control (7 Posts)

  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 7:08 AM
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    Indirect installation on Alpine with MCBA control

    I'm a home owner considering installing indirect water heater, but I have a lot of ?'s. Alpine manual show the indirect piped off the boiler loop with it's own circulator.
    but the new manuals show piping off the header near the loop.
    Why the difference.

    2.what's the pros and cons of these methods and piped as a zone with a zone valve.I already have a 1" zone valve on a zone i don't use.

    3. The MCBA runs either the boiler circulator if switched with heating thermostat
    connections, or the indirect circulator with the water heater connections.
    Can I connect both of those circulator wires to the one boiler loop circulator
    so that the boiler loop circulator runs under both situation?
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 8:10 AM
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    It's early

    And my brains not fully awake yet but as far as questions 1 & 2 go I would use the piping off the manual that came with your boiler and not the "new manual". Question 3, you want only one pump running so your recovery time on the indirect is as short as possible.
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 12:45 PM
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    1. Question is

    not some much which way should I do it, but why the difference. The new boilers are identical except for the control. Old- MCBA New-SAGE. So I suspect the old way was not ideal.
    And 3. is specific to the MCBA and is: can I control The 1 boiler loop circulator with both switching situations; connect both wires from MCBA to the circulator?
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 10:47 AM
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    I know that with mechanical relays

    this could be done. But with a solid state controller I'm not sure if some how it could back feed into the controller
  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:26 AM
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    I'm not familiar with Burnham's implementation, but there may be a software setting which allows the pump to run on either call.
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 5:14 PM
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    response to ?3

    I wouldnt put them together, why would you?  If you need the boiler pump and the DHW pump to run at the same time you do it in the control programming
    page 103
    and I would pipe it more like figure 39, just make sure you size the circulator correctly
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 7:02 AM
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    Does anyone know which MCBA parameter(s)

    on the Alpine boiler?
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