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    Single faucet issues (4 Posts)

  • TAB TAB @ 1:11 PM
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    Single faucet issues

    I am having trouble with my kitchen faucet. The water pressure seems to be lower than normal (changed over night) and the hot water is milky white. This is only the cast in my kitchen faucet. All other faucets in the house run clear and seem to have normal water pressure. Also, cold water in this faucet is clear, but pressure also seems low. The dishwasher is connected to the hot water line, could this be the problem? I have taken the faucet apart and do not see any issues with the valve or the aerator.

    Any suggestions?
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 1:33 PM
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    Does it taste like skim or whole milk?

    did you try to Disconnect the cow from the hot water line?

    Seriously though...

    I would think it has to do with the incoming water not the faucet, disconnecting the dish washer and run the hose into a bucket see if it runs clear, then shut the dishwasher and see if the faucet still runs milky...
  • bill bill @ 5:15 PM
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    Or is it like Lactose free?

    Did you ever notice that skim lactose free milk tastes just like regular whole milk?
    See that? Not only do you aid in keeping yourselves and others from freezing to death, but also get nutritional and/or gourmet tips! What a site!
    Now about your plumbing- Is the dip tube rotting? Of course if you have a tanklees my point is moot. 
  • icesailor icesailor @ 6:57 PM
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    Kitchen Faucets:

    Everyone thinks this is funny. I don't. I've seen it more than once.
    Is this a "Pull Out" single lever? If so, pull out the spray head and remove it from the hose. See if the water stream is better. Shoot it into a pot and see if the "white" goes away. If it does, there is a backflow device inside the spray handle. It will come out easily if you futz with it. Take it out and see if it is better and the "white" goes away.
    The "white" is caused by debris blocking something, The "White" is from a form of cavitation. Put the milky water in a glass and come back in an hour or more. If it has gone away, it's air being put into suspension in the water. I see it all the time when I turn the water back on in houses.
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