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    Replacement options for oil furnace? (3 Posts)

  • Jess4 Jess4 @ 1:24 PM
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    Replacement options for oil furnace?

    We live in a house built circa 1870 in Rockingham County VA. We have radiant heat with a hot water oil furnace. We are
    interested in finding something to replace the oil tank because oil
    prices are rising and I feel that oil is not very environmentally conscious. However we
    are new to this and not sure if this is even an option. Does anyone
    have any experience with this? Is it possible to get an electric water
    heater for the radiators? (Our water heater is electric, fyi) We do not
    necessarily want to get rid of the entire radiator system..but would
    consider it if that makes the most sense. I have also heard that trying
    to dispose of the oil tank is complicated...
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 5:24 PM
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    simple answer

    Without debating best option, and oil prices, you could get an electric boiler.  Unless its running or solar or wind, some kind of fossil fuel is going to need to be burned. (Virginia is coal country, no?)
    Depending on who you listen to, oil prices are expected to stay the same, or even drop, nat gas is suppose to go up.....and up.  Check out the article about old nat gas lines leaking more nat gas in New England then is being consumed.
  • Zman Zman @ 11:52 PM
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    Here is a nice tool
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