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    Wifi t-stats (2 Posts)

  • ddr ddr @ 3:57 PM
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    Wifi t-stats

    We are currently looking to bring in a line of wifi t-stats to offer our customers. Actually, we are being forced into this because out customers already have them...Any thoughts on the different ones on the market? Our customers seem to love them: some have the Nest, some have Ecobees, and one has a Venstar.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 4:33 PM
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    Focus Pro WiFi and Vision Pro WiFi both affordable, reliable products with 5 year warranty. Beyond that you can get into the Prestige or Prestige IAQ but they will require the Gateway. These are trade only products though the big box stores sell consumer versions for the same money but 1 year warranty.

    I rewired a Nest last week, HO had the cooling and the strips on at the same time. Strips were winning. Have dealt with Nest tech support in the past, frustrating!

    Need a supplier? and they will put your name, logo and phone # on the stats for free.
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