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    help with taco zvc 404 (3 Posts)

  • mike198 mike198 @ 2:37 AM
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    help with taco zvc 404

    Could you please help me,

    I have (2) taco 007 f5 7ifc circulator pumps on a gas boiler (one for all radiators in the house and the other feeds (2) taco zone valves for radiant heat ).

    Could you please describe how I would wire the circulator pumps to work properly with this control box and how to fire the boiler at the proper time.

    I am guessing Both pumps will need to run at the same time for radiant heat since the 2nd circulator pump loop is feed from the main loop that pumps through the radiators.

    Thanks I really appreciate it.
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 9:29 AM
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    Could ya.....

    Could you draw us a piping diagram showing all the components, including the other controls in the system?  It can be a sketch.
  • I would

    use the Taco ZVC 404 for the radiant and a Taco SR501 for the radiators.

    I think Steve's suggestion for a diagram is because of your last paragraph - it sounds as though you have a primary pump that needs to be on when a radiant zone calls for heat and somehow, that primary pump serves the radiators by itself.  You might need to do some re-piping and/or add another pump for this to work properly.
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