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    Let's Try Again-TT Mini Smart (9 Posts)

  • ced48 ced48 @ 9:54 AM
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    Let's Try Again-TT Mini Smart

    Is it available, what is it, does it, or did it work, and how?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:50 PM
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    discontinued some years back

    along with the SMART 20, unfortunately.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 9:19 PM
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    As swei said

    no longer in production... smart 30 is now the smallest TT, Burnham and lochinvar make 27's and I installed a Peerless low boy {22 gallon I believe}, I installed it in a kitchen cabinet under a Buderus GB that I installed the year before...
  • ced48 ced48 @ 9:28 AM
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    Any Feelings on the HTP 20?

    Also, any ideas on why they quit making the Mini? Does anyone know how TT can get the amount of hot water out of the Excellence 14 gallon indirect? Can I duplicate that kind of delivery with a free standing 20 Superstor?
  • Control issues.

    I installed one and we were unable to properly regulate the temperature.  The boiler could not respond fast enough to meet demand, so the water temperature would plummet and then when it did respond, water temperatures soared.  Some water volume is necessary in order to provide stable temps.  Also, with the introduction of the Excellence with on board tank, it was no longer needed. 
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 1:04 PM
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    control design

    should really use a PID loop for the DHW and not just blast away when the tank dips below setpoint.  This would allow the boiler to stay in condensing mode most of the time, but really ramp up hard and fast when demand dictates.  I'm about to test this (along with demand-based control over storage setpoint) on a PS399 feeding a SMART 120.  Hope to have some results later this summer.
  • Gordan Gordan @ 2:18 PM
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    I'm using it with a reverse indirect

    Turbomax 23 (and PS60), to be exact. This is with the MCBA, for what it's worth. It works pretty much as expected, but toward the end of the cycle it will REALLY turn itself down and v-e-r-y slowly finish "topping off" the tank. I have the "setpoint over water temperature" parameter set to something low, I'll experiment with bumping it up a bit. I think, but I'm not sure, that the DHW program has a built in boost function, based upon observing it exceed the prescribed supply temperature.
  • TonyS TonyS @ 6:14 PM
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    They stopped making the mini because

    It didn't work that well( installed one in the shop for a while before I got rid of it) and probably the bigger reason is because Triangle sold their tankless coil division to Thermo dynamics. I believe coil sales went from 70k to 17k in one year.
    The mini was not a tank in tank. It was a copper coil in a can.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 6:29 PM
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    Wish they still made the SMART 20

    14 gallons in the PTE is small, especially with a 100k heating load.
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