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    honeywell l8148j1009 (2 Posts)

  • franky1 franky1 @ 7:44 AM
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    honeywell l8148j1009

    can i replace a honeywelll8148j1009 with a honeywell l8148e aqua stat relay for my 24volt boiler model hc-125e-v hydrotherm
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 10:08 AM
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    L8148J is a Universal

    replacement relay which replaces the L8148E. The L8148E has a 24 volt burner circuit. As long as your gas valve is 24 volts then you can replace the "J" with the "E". I am assuming the "E" is a new control and not one that was used previously? If your system is a powerpile system the "E" will not work.
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