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    Barrier on floor (5 Posts)

  • Techman Techman @ 5:03 PM
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    Barrier on floor

    Is there such a thing as "the newest and best" barrier to go on top of a plywood floor , but under the mud , for a uponor radiant pex system? Thanks!
  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:57 PM
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    what's under the plywood?

    A suitable sheet of PE could well be all you need.
  • Techman Techman @ 8:52 AM
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    Hi SWEI ,there is nothing under the plywood at this time. Would the barrier on top protect the pex from the ply?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:28 AM
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    barrier on top

    will keep water out of the plywood during cure, and if anything spills later (assuming the crete is permeable.)  My point was really about temperature on the other side of the plywood and any insulation layer(s.)
  • psb75 psb75 @ 8:07 AM
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    A masonry bond directly to plywood is not recommended. Especially one that changes significantly, thermally. You might consider several products made by this German company. They make excellent products for improving the bond between plywood sub-floors and masonry or ceramic finished floors. These products add some minimal thickness to the final floor. Not sure how they interface with pex, i.e. fastening pex down through the membrane.
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