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    Indoor outdoor reset vs other valves (5 Posts)

  • Rascal Rascal @ 10:24 AM
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    Indoor outdoor reset vs other valves

    My plumber wants us to change from our current type valve (starts with T) to an indoor outdoor reset. We have high temps in the house over 82 degrees and thermostats are set at 64 but furnace continues to run and circulate in the house causing extreme heat and extreme propane bills. The domestic hot water circulator and primary circulator are pushing against the point with no pressure change sucking hot water through the home zone causing the system to run continuously. The broiler system is Burnham.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:14 AM
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    valve type

    is a small part of the picture.  Do you have a piping diagram or some photos you could share?
  • KCA KCA @ 2:34 PM
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    I think that he's saying

    that there are two circulators that are conected in series and that thay are pumping into the point of no pressure change....  (Expansion tank)....  The two circs in series doubles the head and since they can't pump past the PONPC they pull through the zone valves and cause a ghost flow.. So while they are away.... Everytime the domestic water (Side Arm) comes on heat is being applied to the floors of the home ... overheating the home to 82degF +-... The system isn't piped now in a primary / secondary  arangement so the Plumber is suggesting to pipe the system in that manner using close tees and outdoor reset...

    Is that about right?
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  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 5:54 PM
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    First off you

    Need a new plumber. While a outdoor reset control may be a good idea, it most definitely won't solve your problem of the system running continuously
  • KCA KCA @ 6:07 PM
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    I don't believe that

    the system runs continuosly.... I believe that there is Ghost Flow... That's why he is considering re-piping in a Primary / Secondary arangement... and while he is doing that... he is going to add reset...

    So the HO is just asking for verification on whether reset is a good idea and whether re-piping is a good idea.. At least that is what I can get from it...
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