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    Alpine MCBA - indirect insltallation (10 Posts)

  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 11:17 AM
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    Alpine MCBA - indirect installation

    NOT a PRO.
    How can i get the Boiler loop circulator to run in either the heating system mode or DHW mode. The MCBA control has one wire for system circulator and another for DHW circulator.
    When in DHW mode the DHW wire is energized and not the system circulator wire.
    I guess this is for piping the indirect off the boiler loop when only 1 circulator for the indirect and boiler.
    I'm connecting the indirect off the header pipe and I need the boiler loop circulator to run in both modes.

    Can both these wires be connected to the boiler loop circulator so it runs in both modes.
    I'm reluctant to do that because of the electronic control; i don't want to damage it.
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  • Zman Zman @ 12:15 AM
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    I think at this point you have a few options:
    1.Call burnham to determine if the setting can be changed
    2. Use a couple of DPDT relays to make the system do what you want.
    3. Repipe the system so the alpine will function as designed.
    How is your boiler piped? Do you have a drawing or pictures?
    That exchanger  notoriously finicky if not piped correctly.
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 12:26 PM
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    1 Burnham doesn't want to talk to anyone except contractors.
    2 That's a good idea, but if i could program that into control it would be simpler.
    3 This is a future installation I'm planning on doing.
    it would be off the header pipe between the closely spaced tees on boiler loop and the first zone; It will be piped as another zone. Burnham suggests this if indirect flow can't be matched to boiler flow.
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 1:05 PM
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    Here is a drawing
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 1:06 PM
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    Here is a drawing
  • Zman Zman @ 12:49 AM
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    I didn't realize you are in the design phase. Do you already have the boiler and indirect?
    The easiest thing would be to get an indirect with the correct exchanger so you can pipe it per the manual. If you already have an indirect you could always do a bipass loop.
    I cannot view your drawing.
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 12:04 PM
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    I've got the boiler

    It's 2008 Burnham alpine with MCBA control; newer versions have SAGE 2 control.
    My old manual shows indirect piped off the boiler loop, but new manual shows off the system header.
    I think it's as you said it's finicky so the move the suggested piping to where it doesn't affect the flow through the boiler.
    Yea, I can't view either?
    Anyways. I was planning on piping it as a zone with it's own pump.
  • Jfonto Jfonto @ 12:05 PM
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    have indirect
  • Terry O Terry O @ 12:40 PM
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    Boy I'm confused....

    If you don't have an indirect heater.... what's the question? If you don't have a DHW heater what are you trying to do with the boiler DHW priority? Not sure I understand.
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  • Zman Zman @ 2:51 PM
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    Low head loss

    Don't pipe the indirect as a heat zone. It isn't a heat zone. Pipe it directly off the boiler. Just buy an indirect with a low head loss and be done with it. It is the best way to pipe it anyway. I haven't found the Burnham manuals to be very well thought out, and would not assume that the new drawing is any better than the old.
    Any luck posting a drawing?
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