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    BoilerMate CH41Z aquastat differential? (1 Post)

  • Solid_Fuel_Man Solid_Fuel_Man @ 10:47 PM
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    BoilerMate CH41Z aquastat differential?

    Working at a customer's house today who complained of luke-warm water, but only part of the time.  I confirmed the water temp to be 130 when I arrived, Amtrol BM installed Nov. 2012(not by me....finned tube HX big no no).  Anyhow, I ran the hot water and confirmed the boiler's operation.  Drained tank and filled with cold water, 32 minutes to heat 41 gal tank with Pensotti fired at .6 gph nozzle. Boiler did cycle a few times and is set to 160F.  My question is, is there a way to tighten the differential on this type of "aquastat".  It's mounted in a black plastic shroud with remote bulb.  I pulled it out and didn't see any diff screw, but did notice there was a small screw in the shaft where the knob is attached like that in a gas range handle........  Any info much appreciated, this thing is still under warranty.  
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