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    Honeywell VS820 A 5204 Question (3 Posts)

  • CAMZ CAMZ @ 8:05 PM
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    Honeywell VS820 A 5204 Question

    Have a quick question regarding a Honeywell VS820 A 5204 gas valve on a pool heater.  Unscrewed the phillips head screw protecting the pilot adjustment.  The pilot adjustment screw was inadvertently back out all the way.  My question there a spring or needle or anything under the flat head adjustment screw?  Just making sure I didnt lose anything.  Can't find any diagrams or exploded views of the valve anywhere.  Thanks in adavance...
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 10:43 PM
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    I don't think there is

    Tim will know for sure.
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 8:03 PM
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    There are no springs

    it is just a throttling crew to adjust flame height, Make sure if you are adjusting it on the VS820 that you have a millivolt meter hooked up to measure the millivolt output of the pilot generator. It should be between 540 to 750 millivolts. The higher the better. Also keep in mind all pilots on gas heating valves are on line pressure there is no regulator. On the main burner gas is regulated
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