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  • Techman Techman @ 9:27 PM
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    Dear Professor.

    Could you kindly take us an actual (KindaSorta) pressure trip thru a typical(res) AC system.Lets say R22 , 4T ,13SEER,TXV,82 1/2* ambient, you pick the RH%, proper LL/SL size, for me (please) a FD/SGMI, Unit running, indoor conditions are "stableized", oh yea, out of the cond unit 6.25' horizintal, 20-24' up & 35' horizontial & 6' up & down for that antisyphon loop thing, LL is insulated in attic except maybe 5'( as per Spence),into&outto the TXV ,thru the coil, and other stuff back to our starting point !?!?!??? I know you could if you wanted to ,thats why I called you DEAR !
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