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    Cast iron baseboard (6 Posts)

  • Glen Glen @ 7:47 PM
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    Cast iron baseboard

    I replaced fin tube baseboard with cast iron baseboard in several formal rooms about two years ago. In that short time I have had two joint failures resulting in leaks. One slow, one bad enough to have done great damage had I not come home when I did. The manufacturer is OCS. Can anyone tell me who else makes CI baseboard? I can get replacements from the same outfit but have concerns for obvious reasons. I was told by my pro that CI baseboard is getting harder to get and the quality of the casting and machining is not what it used to be. Any input appreciated. Tearing it all out and installing radiators is not an option for various reasons and I don't want to go with the modern Runtal type stuff. Thanks.
  • leaking ci

    where was the leak? if it was from a union nut, then it may have been misaligned during installation.--nbc
  • Glen Glen @ 7:57 PM
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    cast iron baseboard

    The first leak was apparently at the nipple where the two sections join. The one today appears to be at a section joint as well but it hasn't been taken apart yet. It is either the nipple or a failure of the casting in that area. That zone has been isolated and drained but I need to make a decision going forward as I have a lot of this stuff. The OCS uses nipples for section connections and then a threaded bar with nuts on each end draws the sections together. Again this installation is only two years old. Thank you.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:01 PM
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    Water quality

    Any idea what the pH might be?  How long has this been leaking?
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 11:06 PM
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    Can you post a photo?

    Photos always help diagnosis. Governale is the brand I use for cast iron baseboard or I get old baseboard from a good radiator dealer.
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  • tom3holer tom3holer @ 12:48 AM
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    Burnham still makes cast iron baseboard I believe.

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