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  • BrianScott BrianScott @ 9:20 AM
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    Old Boiler Question

    I came across an old boiler I thought I might be able to use to heat my house.  I am building a 2500 sq. ft. house and will have radiant heat in the entire basement and first floor.  I have a geo system designed but have access to a lot of wood and wanted to get an old boiler like this one to put outside under a roof of some sort where I can chop wood and load it up in winter.  To me (no experience with boilers) this looks like a old tank that was built to last and probably would work great.  My question for you (veteran plumber with experience) is would I be making a mistake here?  Are these things prone to rotting out or something else?  Also can anyone tell me more about this unit, I could find very little info when I searched online.

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