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  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 10:24 AM
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    By special request.

    About those things a plumber must know? Let's see:

    1. Water flows downhill

    2. Cold's on the right; hot's on the left

    3. Don't bite your fingernails.

    I forget the rest. Feel free to jump in.
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    Hug your kids.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 2:01 PM
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    Water is not the only thing that rolls downhill! And payday is Friday!
  • Like Mark Eatherton Says

    I got pumps that will make water go uphill...
  • kevin kevin @ 5:19 PM
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    plumbing quote

    righty tighty lefty loosey
  • Jack Jack @ 1:38 PM
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    Every time...

    I begin to think I'm a pretty smart guy I find myself in a place like this!
  • Condoman Condoman @ 2:22 PM
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    close the drain before taking the faucet apart!
  • rick in Alaska rick in Alaska @ 1:31 AM
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    !. Keep your dang shirt tucked in!
    2. Look around and ask lots of questions. And get lots of training.
    3.  Always assume there is more of a problem than you think. Keeps you from fixing the "problem" and leaving, only to find the other one on the recall.
    4. See #1
  • psb75 psb75 @ 8:43 AM
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    William of Ockham

    To rick of Alaska: I humbly beg to differ. One of the best "tools" I have ever acquired in my career is "Ockham's Razor," compliments of William of Ockham, a 14th cent. English philosopher/logician. Its a logically elegant principle of problem solving. Basically: start with the simplest fix, FIRST. E.g.: If your car stops running--check the gas gauge.
    I use the "Razor" almost every day.
  • icesailor icesailor @ 1:55 PM
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    #1 Rule:

    99,9999% of intermittent water leaks through a ceiling with a bathroom above it is from some form of water getting through the walls around a tub or shower or a leaking shower valve.
    Never take down a ceiling unless there is water steadily leaking through the ceiling.
  • rick in Alaska rick in Alaska @ 11:24 PM
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    ockhams razor

    Whole heartily agree with that. What I was saying is just don't assume that when you find the basic problem that you are done. There might be a second issue that is not apparent until the first problem is fixed.
    p.s. I also use the same problem solving sequence myself. Start with the most likely problem and then go from there. Gets me to where I need to be.
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