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    A hug ,a handshake and some tears. (2 Posts)

  • Techman Techman @ 12:55 PM
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    A hug ,a handshake and some tears.

    I met Francisco Martin when he was 17 and in High School BOCES for HVACR. I hired him,I made him bring his "books" to work so we could "do it by the book". Then he went to HVACR College with Professor Silberstein as his instructor. Same thing,"bring your books" to work! We worked anytime he was not at school, we went to lots of Mfrg's classes/seminars together. Dam kid was a sponge for knowledge.We worked side by side 80% of the time So 5years later ,he's leaving, he's advancing, he's working for Trane as of Monday! Today being his last day ,I gave him an early day off, he put in 6 1/2 hrs , so take the rest of the day off. WITH PAY!. So our goodby, good luck ,handshake turned  into a goodby, good luck hug and there were even some goodby, good luck tears.!
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  • Eugene Silberstein Eugene Silberstein @ 1:02 PM
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    A Good Man

    I'm referring to both of you!

    Francisco is indeed a good man, but he is a better man because of, in part, the experiences he had with you.

    He was well-trained on all fronts and we all wish him the best with Trane.

    I'm hoping your future hires from the college will do us proud as well.
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