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    mad dog (3 Posts)

  • bobby b bobby b @ 1:49 PM
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    mad dog

    looking for matt mad dog's phone number. thanks and have a great day
  • Rod Rod @ 11:40 AM
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    Mad Dog

    Hi- As it is the heating "off season", the traffic on the Wall is a bit slow at the moment. You might want to put your post on the Main Wall.
    - Rod
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 10:48 PM
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    Mad Dog's company

    is/was Triple Crown Plumbing & Heating in Floral Park, NY- google that and you'll find his number.
    "Reducing our country's energy consumption, one system at a time"

    Steam, Vapor & Hot-Water Heating Specialists

    Oil & Gas Burner Service

    Baltimore, MD (USA) and consulting anywhere.
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